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San Joaquins offers complimentary onboard entertainment and free Wi-Fi to keep you connected during your ride. To get your live train info and to enjoy Audiobooks, local magazines or surf the web is simple, just follow the steps below: 

Get onboard

Our Media Portal is only available on our trains. So hop on and get comfortable.

Connect to WiFi

Select 'yourtrainwifi' in your settings.

Go to our Media Portal

In your browser, tap in to access our free Media Portal. Enjoy great entertainment and train info or surf the web by tapping the www icon.

Enjoy the Content

We’ve added several new features to the San Joaquins Wi-Fi landing page:

  • Let loved ones know when the train will be arriving with the “Share my Train” feature,
  • The latest audiobooks and podcasts from Audible,
  • An interactive train tracking tool that provides riders real-time train status information,
  • The latest station and weather information,
  • Featured reading selections from local newspapers and magazines, including Sactown and Silicon Valley magazines
  • Information on our partners and latest promotional offers, and
  • Great photos from our riders and much more

What kind of Internet speed can I expect?

Our onboard WiFi network relies on bandwidth provided by cellular carriers who have towers along our routes. The bandwidth available from these towers is limited and our speed may not match what you are used to receiving from stationary WiFi networks such as your home or office. Engaging in web activities that use large amounts of bandwidth will negatively affect the online experience of other passengers. When using our network, keep this in mind and be respectful of your fellow passengers.

Are there any restrictions?

The explosion of the Internet and the use of WiFi have created incredible demands for connectivity. To maximize the amount of onboard bandwidth available to all passengers, access to streaming media and large files sizes will be limited. To prepare for this restriction, we recommend passengers download any necessary large files prior to boarding the train. In addition, this network restricts access to web sites with objectionable content. If you think a web site has been incorrectly blocked, or have general comments about the service, please notify an onboard staff member.

How secure is your network?

San Joaquins WiFi is a public WiFi network which utilizes wireless technologies and does not require any secure pass code or login. Similar to networks found at coffee shops and public libraries, it is not inherently secure and communications can be intercepted. Passengers are solely responsible for providing security measures that are suited for their intended use, including protecting their data and equipment from viruses, spyware and other harmful components. Passengers are also solely responsible for any security breach or accidental disclosure of their personal information in their use of San Joaquins WiFi.