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Our Service

Our Service

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The San Joaquins offers an incredible set of amenities to its passengers from free onboard Wi-Fi to comfortable seats with plenty of legroom.

Whether you're traveling for business, pleasure, or something in between, our hope is that your experience on board will enhance your journey and allow you to arrive at your destination stress-free.

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full furnished cafe car

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Premium Food and Snacks

The Café Car offers a variety of premium sandwiches, salads, healthy snacks, tasty breakfast options and beverages, both non-alcoholic and alcoholic.

Wide Variety of Drinks

Enjoy a drink while onboard and select from our local, domestic and imported beers, wines and spirits. Be sure to ask about our daily features, often locally sourced and grown in the San Joaquin Valley.


Riders are permitted to bring pre-prepared food and non-alcoholic beverages on-board to consume at your own seat. Consumption of personal alcoholic beverages not bought at the Cafe Car are not permitted on-board


All Café items can be enjoyed either in the Café Car or at the pleasure of your own seat. The Café Car accepts all major credit cards and cash. All trains feature a Café Car near the middle of the train and located on the upper level.

Onboard entertainment



San Joaquins offers complimentary onboard entertainment  and free Wi-Fi to keep you connected during you ride. To get your live train info and to enjoy audiobooks, local magazines or surf the web is simple, just follow the steps below.

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Get onboard

Our Media Portal is only available on our train. So hop on and get comfortable.

Connect to WI-FI

Select “yourtrainwifi” in your settings.

Go to our media portal

In your browser tap in to access our free Media Portal. Enjoy great entertainment and train info or surf the web by tapping the www icon.

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Bring your bike onboard

Part of the joy of a journey by train is the ability to explore the stops along the way, and what better way to do that than by bike?

More and more people are discovering how well bicycles and train travel go together, whether it’s for commuting to work, enjoying a weekend ride, or participating in a bike tour. Each San Joaquins train has bike storage. Look for a conductor on the platform for help loading your bike into the secured storage area. Bicycle storage is limited on thruway routes. If you desire to bring your bike on a thruway bus most buses require storing the bicycle in the baggage storage compartment underneath the bus.

Our Seating

Excellent Seating

San Joaquins coach cars offer spacious seating and “social” seating areas with tables on both levels.

Footrests and tray tables are available at many seats. There are convenient storage areas for carry-on luggage either above the seats or at the end of each car. To maximize availability of seats for everyone, please place your belongings in the overhead storage bin or rack. Please reserve tables for groups of three or more. Seating on the lower level is reserved for our mobility-impaired guests.

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There is no middle seat on the SanJoaquins making your ride more relaxing and spacious -sit back, relax and enjoy ride


As a courtesy to other passengers, please store baggage and personal belongings in destinated storage areas, in the overhead racks, or under your seat, rather than on the seat next to you, so the seats are available for the other riders. Also, please keep the aisles clear of any items that might restrict access for passengers


Electrical outlets are available at each seat on both levels of the train. computers and other personal electronic devices can be safely plugged into these surge-producted outlets.


On all coach cars, the lower level offers large restrooms that are wheelchair accessible to passengers. Some coach cars also offer an upstairs restrooms. Restrooms are not available in cafe cars


Whether you’re new to the service or a veteran rider, there’s always more to learn about traveling with the Amtrak San Joaquins. Review our FAQ section to get more information on our travel policies and procedures.