September is Transit Month – Celebrate with Amtrak San Joaquins!

September 10, 2021

September 2021 is Transit Month in the Bay Area so book a trip on one of the region’s premier routes, Amtrak San Joaquins! Trains have a long history on both sides of the Bay Area of helping connect people to places and to local buses, subways and other last-mile transit.

As riders get back on the bus and in the train, we’re excited to talk about a new regional celebration that is starting this year -- Transit Month. Launched by the advocacy group San Francisco Transit Riders, Transit Month is a time to celebrate the people who ride on public transportation and those who make the buses and trains run, from ticket sellers to conductors to maintenance crews.


  • At Amtrak San Joaquins, ridership is up over last year as we’ve modified schedules and continued cleaning protocols to ensure a clean and safe train trip--whether you are visiting Yosemite with friends, or taking a trip down to see relatives in the Central Valley. So this is a great time to say THANK YOU to everybody that has gotten back on the train or bus, and is enjoying comfortable and safe travel from Oakland to Bakersfield and in between.

Now, during September, it is even more cost-effective to take transit throughout the Bay Area! If you need to connect to Amtrak San Joaquins, there are several transit agencies sharing the Transit Month love with discounted fares to riders. This September, make sure to take advantage of these awesome discounts, along with Amtrak San Joaquin’s everyday discounts for everyone from seniors, to students, to veterans and more. Even if you are not right by a station, Amtrak San Joaquins has Thruway buses available to get you to your closest station. Enjoy a safe, clean train trip with WiFi and a cafe car for your food and beverage as we celebrate YOU--the passengers of Amtrak San Joaquins.


Thank you for riding Amtrak San Joaquins!  

Book your Transit Month trip today!

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