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Return trip details


Bakersfield to Inland Empire/Coachella Valley Daily Daily
Connecting Train 702 712
BFD Bakersfield Arrive 11:57a 3:57p
Connecting Bus 5402 5412
BFD Bakersfield (map) Depart 12:05p 4:05p
LCA La Crescenta-Lowell & Honolulu (map) Depart 1:55p 5:55p
PAS Pasadena-Hilton Hotel (map) Depart 2:10p 6:10p
CLM Claremont-Metrolink (map) Depart 3:00p 7:00p
ONA Ontario-Amtrak (map) Arrive 3:15p 7:15p
ONA Ontario-Andy's Burgers (map) Depart No Stop 7:17p
RIV Riverside-Amtrak/Metrolink (map) Depart 3:40p 7:40p
SNB San Bernardino-Amtrak (map) Depart 4:00p 8:00p
Coachella Valley/Inland Empire to Bakersfield Daily Daily
Connecting Bus 5415 5419
SNB San Bernardino-Amtrak (map) Depart 7:30a 11:15a
RIV Riverside-Amtrak/Metrolink (map) Depart 7:50a 11:35a
ONA Ontario-Andy's Burgers (N) Depart No Stop No Stop
ONA Ontario-Amtrak (map) Depart 8:15a 12:00p
CLM Claremont-Metrolink (map) Depart 8:40a 12:25p
PAS Pasadena-Hilton Hotel (map) Depart 9:20a 1:05p
LCA La Crescenta-Lowell & Honolulu (map) Depart 9:45a 1:30p
BFD Bakersfield (map) Arrive 11:55a 3:55p
Connecting Train 715 719
Bakersfield Depart 12:12p 4:12p


Visit Pasadena for shopping and dining, hike at San Bernardino National Forest, or visit Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace in Bakersfield!