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Return trip details

Route 1c

Bakersfield to Los Angeles/Santa Monica Daily Daily Daily
Connecting Train 702 710 714
Bakersfield (map) Arrive 11:57a 1:57p 5:57p
Connecting Bus 5910 5910 5914
BFD Bakersfield (map) Depart 2:05p 2:05p 6:05p
NHL Santa Clairta/Newhall (map) Depart 3:40p 3:40p 7:40p
BUR Burbank Airport (map) Depart 4:05p 4:05p 8:05p
VNC Van Nuys (map) Arrive 4:30p 4:30p 8:30p
VNC Van Nuys (map) Depart 4:35p 4:35p 8:35p
WES Westwood-UCLA (map) Depart 5:05p 5:05p 9:05p
SMN Santa Monica Pier (map) Arrive 5:35p 5:35p 9:35p
Santa Monica/Los Angeles to Bakersfield Daily Daily Daily
Connecting Bus 5915 5919 5919
SMN Santa Monica Pier (map) Depart 8:05a 11:55a 11:55a
WES Westwood-UCLA (map) Depart 8:35a 12:25p 12:25p
VNC Van Nuys (map) Arrive 9:10a 1:00p 1:00p
VNC Van Nuys (map) Depart 9:10a 1:00p 1:00p
BUR Burbank Airport (map) Depart 9:30a 1:20p 1:20p
NHL Santa Clarita/Newhall (map) Depart 9:55a 1:45p 1:45p
BFD Bakersfield (map) Arrive 11:55a 3:55p 3:55p
Connecting Train 715 719 703
Bakersfield (map) Arrive 12:12p 4:12p 6:12p


Bakersfield • Burbank • Westwood-UCLA • Santa Monica