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Return trip details

Route 15B

Fresno to Yosemite (Route 158) Daily Daily Daily
Connecting Train 711 711 712/715
Fresno (map) Arrive 6:12a 6:12a 1:45p/2:12p
ConnectingBus 8487 8489 8491
Fresno (map) Depart 6:23a 8:32a 2:45p
Coarsegold (map) Depart 7:38a 9:47a 4:00p
Oakhurst-BestWestern (map) Depart 7:58a 10:07a 4:20p
Fish Camp-Tnaya Lodge (map) Depart 8:18a 10:27a 4:40p
Yosemite-Wawon a Store (map) Depart 8:48a 10:57a 5:10p
Yosemite Visitors Center (map) Arrive 9:58a 12:07p 6:20p
Yosemite to Fresno (Route 158) Daily Daily Daily
ConnectingBus 8444 8492 8494
Yosemite Visitors Center (map) Depart 11:15a 4:06p 7:35p
Yosemite-Wawon a Store (map) Depart 12:15p 5:06p 8:35p
Yosemite-The Mariposa Grove (map) Depart 12:35p 5:26p 8:55p
Fish Camp-Tnaya Lodge (map) Depart 12:45p 5:26p 9:05p
Oakhurst-BestWestern (map) Depart 1:05p 5:56p 9:25p
Coarsegold (map) Depart 1:35p 6:26p 9:55p
Fresno (map) Arrive 2:45 7:36p 11:05p
Connecting: Train 714/714 703/718
Merced Depart 3:49p/4:16p 8:16p/9:49p