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Group Travel Discount- Save up to 10%

Share the Amtrak San Joaquins Experience as a Group

Passengers traveling together in groups of 15 or more may be eligible to receive a 10% discount off the normal fare. Learn more about group travel requests here or call 1-800-USA-1GRP for more information on taking everyone along to share the fun. Make reservation requests for your group as early as possible for the best availability and accommodations. Group space may be limited and group travel requests are subject to approval based on space availability.


How do I Make a Group Travel Reservation?



You can make a request for group travel using our online group travel request form.


By Phone, Fax or E-mail

You can also call 1-800-USA-1GRP (1-800-872-1477), fax your request to 1-800-872-3298 or send an e-mail to the group travel department at

What Can My Group Expect?


Seating Accommodations

We offer group seating and exclusive occupancy if your group is large enough to occupy an entire car. We want you and your group to have fun and be safe. Please review these rules with the adult chaperones in your group and provide each of them with a copy of these guidelines.


Meal Choices

For groups wishing to eat aboard the train, a cafe car is available to all passengers or special box lunch accomodations can be made during your reservation process.



A minimum of one designated chaperone is required for every six minors under the age of 18 aboard the train. Designated chaperones are adults specifically responsible and accountable for minors traveling on the train. Any adult traveling in connection with the group who is responsible for an infant will not be considered a designated chaperone. Chaperones are responsible for following all Group Leader and Chaperone Guidelines.


Station Arrival

Please call 1-800-USA-RAIL prior to leaving for the train station to make sure your train is on schedule.
Plan to arrive at the train station at least 60 minutes before your scheduled train departure. Your group will need to be ready to board as soon as the train pulls into the station. Some station stops are as little as two minutes. The trains cannot wait for late arriving groups or individuals.

  • Present your ticket to the station staff or conductor.
  • At staffed stations, identify yourself to the station staff to confirm boarding instructions.
  • Identify your group to the conductor and follow his/her seating instructions. During your trip, feel free to contact onboard personnel for assistance.
  • Group leaders and designated chaperones are responsible for the conduct and supervision of their group at all times during the field trip.
  • Please remind your students to be considerate of the other passengers. Amtrak personnel cannot assist in the supervision of your group.
  • Please use the trash and recycle bins and keep the area around your group clean and free of debris. Amtrak staff will provide extra trash bags for you to pick up your area before your group arrives at your destination.
  • When your group exits the train, follow the conductor's instructions.
  • Appoint one or two people to follow behind the group to check the seating areas and overhead bins for any items that may have been left behind.

We look forward to having you travel on Amtrak.