Dear Riders, We Miss You

2020 might have not been a year filled with travels and photographs from different cities and new places, but we are still thankful for you, our riders. Thank you for staying home and staying safe, for trusting us to make your travels as safe as possible when you’ve needed to take the train and for planning future trips with us. Without riders like you, we wouldn’t be able to connect Californians from Bakersfield to the Bay.

We’re looking forward to taking you on trips again in the futurewhether that means visiting family and friends in the Central Valley, going to the capital, heading to Yosemite for hiking, swinging thought Oakland or traveling to L.A. or the Bay for your favorite restaurants, bars, shops, museums  and galleries. Keep following our state’s guidelines to stay safe and in the meantime, start booking your future trip so you have new adventures to look forward to.

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