Multi Ride Passes

Overview: Multi-Ride Tickets, which allow you to take multiple trips using one ticket within a set amount of time, are available on many of our short-distance routes.

Monthly: 50% Off The monthly ticket is valid for unlimited travel between the origin and destination stations you select, and all stations in between, for an entire calendar month.

Ten Ride: 30% Off The ten-ride ticket is valid for ten rides within a 45-day, 60-day or 180-day period depending on your origin and destination stations.

6TIX: STUDENTS ONLY 30% Off (for students only with college/university ID) is valid for a 365-day period. 6 Trips or 3 Round-Trips

Review your ride history

When you purchase your monthly and multi-ride tickets on or the Amtrak app, you'll have access to your ticket's usage history. Just retrieve the information using your reservation number with either your e-mail address or phone number used in the reservation. Then you'll be able to see a summary of the number of rides you have left, in the case of six- and ten-ride tickets, along with expanded information like the date, time and service used for each trip.
You can also review the number of rides remaining on your six- and ten-ride tickets by scanning your eTicket at any Quik-Trak kiosk.

For Which San Joaquins Service Can I Purchase Tickets?

Monthly Passes only available for train-only trips (including San Francisco). 10-Rides and 6Tix are available on all trains and Thruway Bus segments.

How Do I Purchase a Multi-Ride Ticket?

  • You can purchase Multi-Ride Tickets on A major credit or debit card is required.
  • Amtrak App: You can purchase Multi-Ride Tickets on the mobile app. A major credit or debit card is required.
  • Amtrak Stations: Multi-Ride Tickets can be purchased at Amtrak station ticket offices. Please be aware that not all Amtrak stations have ticket offices.
  • Quik-Trak Kiosks: Many Amtrak stations are equipped with Quik-Trak, our self-service ticketing kiosk. Avoid waiting in line by using Quik-Trak to make your Multi-Ride Ticket purchase. A major credit or debit card is required.
  • By Phone: Call 1-800-USA-RAIL (1-800-872-7245) to speak with a customer service representative to have a Multi-Ride Ticket mailed to you at home or at work. You must call every time you want a new ticket mailed. Allow at least 10 days before your first intended travel date.
  • Multi-Ride Tickets are not available for purchase onboard trains.

Are Multi-Ride Tickets Refundable?

Refund rules vary depending on the type of ticket purchased, whether a ticket has been used already and when the refund request is made. See Refund and Exchange Policy for more information.

Are Multi-Ride Tickets Transferable?

No. Multi-ride tickets may only be used by the passenger whose name is on the ticket.

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