May 4, 2023

In the mood for something sweet? These Panaderias (Mexican bakeries) along our Amtrak San Joaquins Route can help curb that craving. There's something sweet or savory for everyone, from strawberry tres leche to colorful conchas and pan dulce. Check out our list below and see which one speaks to you. Better yet, why not travel to all the stops along our food trail? Save big on travel when booking with Amtrak San Joaquins. Visit to learn about our current promotions and discounts. 


Emmanuel's Bakery 

Emmanuel’s Bakery in Bakersfield is known for its niño envueltos with custard on top. Feel free to try strawberry or vanilla!

Cafe Smitten

Cafe Smitten is a craft bakery that offers sweets, lunch items and cocktails. If you only have time for one bakery in Bakersfield, this is the one!

Smith's Bakeries 

This bakery was founded in 1945 and their expertise is demonstrated in their dozens of items available.

Mexican pastries concha puerquito ojo buey in a colorful wood background
Mexican pastries concha puerquito ojo buey in a colorful wood background


Set of traditional mexican sweet bread and coffee
Set of traditional mexican sweet bread and coffee

Panaderia Y Taqueria La Tapatia 

Strawberry cake, conchas and cookies are the fan favorites here! You won’t be disappointed with any pastry here in Hanford.

Panaderia Maria 

Panaderia Maria is known for their puerquitos. These sweet little pig bites are the perfect treat to start your trail.

Mi Panaderia 

Mi Panaderia not only serves empanadas and conchas, but their food menu is delicious too! You can order lunch and dessert on your trail.

Hanford Portuguese Bakery

This bakery offers qeuijadas, filhoes, and plenty of sweet breads. It has been around for decades and is a local favorite.


Palo Verde

Palo Verde opened in 2020 right during the pandemic. Owner, Natalie, strives to offer high quality, local and seasonal ingredients. You can’t go wrong ordering, well, anything!

La Bolulangerie

La Boulangerie has a mini-bakery close to the Fresno Station. You should definitely try the bear claws and almond croissants only until 1:30pm!

Brothers Bakery

This bakery is known for their jalapeno and cheese buns and their jelly donuts - don’t miss out on these!

Panaderia Cachanilla 

This is the perfect bakery for donuts, pan dulce, and even cake. It will be hard to pick just one item at Panaderia Cachanilla!

Panaderia Vista Hermosa

Vista Hermosa has been popular in Downtown Fresno for years. Their pre-packaged pan dulce variety bags are a steal!

Conchas sweet bread traditional bakery of Mexico
Conchas sweet bread traditional bakery of Mexico


Concha and chocolate, mexican sweet bread and atole beverage in mexico breakfast
Concha and chocolate, mexican sweet bread and atole beverage in mexico breakfast

Bakery El Sol

Opened in 2008, this bakery specializes in Mexican Pan Dulce (sweet bread) and is known for their tres leches cake. They also create custom cakes for various special occasions.

Delicias Bakery 

Try out this cozy and welcoming bakery that serves a large variety of bread and other Mexican baked goods.

Pena's Bakery

Check out Pena's bakery for fresh and delicious baked treats, especially their variety of conchas or powder covered cones with sweet cream inside! Get them fresh - it is worth the wait!

Los Mexicanos Bakery No.2 

Located in the Fruitvale neighborhood, this authentic Mexican bakery provides an excellent mix of both sweet and savory treats from pan dulce to tortas.

Hogar Latino Panaderia Y Restaurant

In addition to traditional baked specialties, this panaderia and restaurant located in the Fruitvale neighborhood serves up an eclectic mix of juices as well as pupusas, tacos, and quesadilla.

richmond / Martinez

Linda's Bakery

Come by family-owned bakery for amazing baked goods and Guatemalan coffee! They also offer savory items such as sandwiches and tamales!

Serrano's Bakery

A short 15 minute walk from the Richmond Station, Serrano's offers traditional Mexican baked goods like conchas, orejas, and pan dulce all at reasonable prices and made fresh.

La Tapatia Mexican Cuisine & Catering

Come visit this long standing Mexican restaurant in the heart of Downtown Martinez that not only has delectable desserts, but an extensive menu of Mexican cuisine and happy hour specials. Fan favorites include the fried ice cream and caramel filled churros!

Manteconchas, sweet mexican bread, traditional bakery in Mexico, Mexican pastries concha
Manteconchas, sweet mexican bread, traditional bakery in Mexico, Mexican pastries concha


Traditional salvadoran pupusas with coleslaw and tomato sauce on wooden background
Traditional salvadoran pupusas with coleslaw and tomato sauce on wooden background

Panaderia Olmos and Pupusas

Panderia Olmos and Pupusas has been serving the Merced area since 1991. Be sure to stop by and try some colorful pan dulce and some delicious pupusas.

Panaderia Guadalajara 

Panaderia Guadalajara offers a wide variety of delicious pan dulce, exquisite cakes, and Mexican ice cream with various flavors.  This small family-run business continues to remain faithful to its community and the quality products they serve.

Cardenas Market

Cardena's bakery department offers freshly baked bolillos and freshly baked Mexican sweet bread. So if you have a sweet tooth or need to satisfy a craving, try out the variety of authentic sweet breads like conchas, puerquitos, and mantecadas Cardenas has to offer.


Garcia's Market

Providing the best products and experience to customers, Garcia's market takes pride in being unforgettable. Stop by their bakery and grab a fresh and delicious pan dulce today!

Panaderia La Michoacana

What could be better than sweet tres leche, pan dulce, and a smell that invites you in? Panaderia La Michoacana has everything you need to satisfy that craving. So next time you are in Modesto, be sure to stop by and grab a slice of the Strawberry tres leche cake.


Follow your nose to wherever the Conchitas truck goes! This fun food truck is bursting with flavor, come by and grab a hot and ready concha. Follow them on social media to find their next location!

Mexican Pan Dulce (sweet bread) for sale at a bakery store


racks de pan dulce recien hechos, pan tradicional mexicano

Panaderia Compadres

 Stop by Panaderia Los Compadres for some of the best bread in town. Enjoy freshly made Mexican breads daily. Order a dozen conchas for your friends, office, or party, or just come in and grab one to enjoy yourself.

La Perla Tapatia

This family-owned business specializes in Mexican products and conserving tradition. Their bakery prides itself on making authentic Mexican goods that will have you craving more. Satisfy your craving with their colorful selection of our traditional sweet bread, warm fresh bolillo, telera rolls, delicious cookies, and pies.



PANADERIA La Flor de Puebla

Visit La Flor de Puebla for great prices on a wide selection of pan dulces. Sink your teeth into their conchas, bolillos, and many more treats. They even have tamales.

La Victoria Delicatessen 

For both classic Mexican pasteles and American favorites, go to La Victoria Delicatessen. This panaderia offers meals like carnitas and tamales.

Panaderia La Yolanda

This restaurant and bakery has it all. Hot dishes and an array of pastries. Be sure to try one of their aguas frescas on tap.

Lopez Bakery

Lopez Bakery is a corner store bakery. This means you can buy some pantry staples in addition to sweet baked goods. Get all your shopping done in one place.




Los Arcos Taqueria y Panaderia

Are you looking for a fun, aesthetically pleasing atmosphere? Look no further than La Mini Birriera. This fun, lively hot spot in Sacramento draws you in with its brightly colored pink walls and equally brilliantly colorful concha and pan dulce. So stop by, grab a bit to eat, and enjoy some birria and a fresa con crema.

Pandaderia La Purisima

Panaderia La Purisma offers a great variey of soft and fluffy conchas, as well as birote and bolillo. Stop by and grab a bite to eat or enjoy a warm cup of hot chocolate.


In the heart of South Land Park, Barrio is a staple to the neighboring community. Barrio offers an array of delicious breakfast and cafe items. Are you looking for a savory or sweet treat? Barrio offers homemade croissants, chorizo turnovers, and empanadas, making it the place to be for a relaxing moment of bliss, live music, or to appreciate art by local artists. Stop by Barrio today!

Los Arcos Taqueria y Panaderia

Proudly serving fresh and delicious pastries and food daily. The Panaderia Los Arcos has been making Mexican food for over 35  years and still has a huge passion for tacos!


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