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Learn How to Draw a Train!

If you want to draw your own train, this simple tutorial will guide you through each step. Just recreate the lines/shapes pictured in each step until you reach the end of the instructions. Then, add your own colors and details to make it unique.

1. Start by drawing an upside-down U shape.

JPA005584_001_Train_Tutorial_Step-1-300x300 (1)

2. Close the shape off by drawing a straight line across the bottom.


JPA005584_001_Train_Tutorial_Step-2-300x300 (1)

3. Draw two slanted lines off the bottom of the shape and connect them with a straight line. This will be the front of the train.

JPA005584_001_Train_Tutorial_Step-3-300x300 (1)

4. On the bottom right corner of your drawing, add a line for the bottom of the train.

JPA005584_001_Train_Tutorial_Step-4-300x300 (1)

5. Complete the shape of the train by drawing the back and top (Step 6)

JPA005584_001_Train_Tutorial_Step-5-300x300 (1)

6. Now you have the outer shape of the train.

JPA005584_001_Train_Tutorial_Step-6-300x300 (1)

7. Begin drawing the windows by drawing an L lying on its side, with the top of the letter stretching to the back of the train.

JPA005584_001_Train_Tutorial_Step-7 (1)

8. Now, add a small curve from the corner of the L to the bottom of the train.

JPA005584_001_Train_Tutorial_Step-8-300x300 (1)

9. It’s time to finish the windows. Draw a rectangle-like shape that is larger at the front of the train and gets smaller near the end.

JPA005584_001_Train_Tutorial_Step-9-300x300 (1)

10. Add lines to create windows. And two lines at the bottom of the front of the train that kind of look like a mouth.

JPA005584_001_Train_Tutorial_Step-10 (1)

11. Don’t forget about the two front windows! And add a circle “nose” on the front of the train.

JPA005584_001_Train_Tutorial_Step-11-300x300 (1)

12. Add two straight lines from the “nose” to the “mouth.

JPA005584_001_Train_Tutorial_Step-12-300x300 (1)

13. Now, add more lines for detail above the “mouth.”

JPA005584_001_Train_Tutorial_Step-13-300x300 (1)

14. Do the same on the other side.

JPA005584_001_Train_Tutorial_Step-14-300x300 (1)

15. And color in your masterpiece!

JPA005584_001_Train_Tutorial_Step-15-300x300 (1)