Learn How to Draw a Train!

If you want to draw your own train, this simple tutorial will guide you through each step. Just recreate the lines/shapes pictured in each step until you reach the end of the instructions. Then, add your own colors and details to make it unique.

1. Start by drawing an upside-down U shape.

2. Close the shape off by drawing a straight line across the bottom.

3. Draw two slanted lines off the bottom of the shape and connect them with a straight line. This will be the front of the train.

4. On the bottom right corner of your drawing, add a line for the bottom of the train.

5. Complete the shape of the train by drawing the back and top (Step 6)

6. Now you have the outer shape of the train.

7. Begin drawing the windows by drawing an L lying on its side, with the top of the letter stretching to the back of the train.

8. Now, add a small curve from the corner of the L to the bottom of the train.

9. It’s time to finish the windows. Draw a rectangle-like shape that is larger at the front of the train and gets smaller near the end.

10. Add lines to create windows. And two lines at the bottom of the front of the train that kind of look like a mouth.

11. Don’t forget about the two front windows! And add a circle “nose” on the front of the train.

12. Add two straight lines from the “nose” to the “mouth.

13. Now, add more lines for detail above the “mouth.”

14. Do the same on the other side.

15. And color in your masterpiece!

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