Allensworth Juneteenth Celebration

JUNE 5, 2023

Juneteenth is the heartbeat of African American freedom and celebrations, and there's no better way to celebrate than with Amtrak San Joaquins and the Town of Allensworth, California. Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park is one of our state's most significant historic locations and was the first California town to be financed and founded by African Americans. So climb aboard Amtrak San Joaquins, save 50% on your travel, and join us as we take you to this unique and beautiful historic township. 


After the Civil War, Buffalo Soldier and Civil War Veteran Colonel Allen Allensworth dreamed of establishing an African American community where he and other African Americans could build an efficient and sustainable life made possible by the emancipation proclamation. These settlers sought a place where they could flourish, thrive and be prosperous without living in persecution. On June 30, 1908, Colonel Allen Allensworth, Professor  William Alexander Payne, John W. Palmer, William H. Peck, and Harry A. Mitchell established Allensworth Township.

Allensworth spans over 240 acres, with the Sierra Nevada Mountain Region giving it a stunning backdrop, letting the small white house pop in the vivid fields of green and yellow wildflowers. Visitors can explore the town's library and glimpse the books and materials readily available during the town's livelihood. In addition, they can explore the church, adorned with a beautiful stained glass window with most of its original pews still intact. Finally, the annual Juneteenth celebration is a way to ensure that Colonel Allensworth's legacy is preserved through reenactments by Colonel Allensworth's docent lookalikes, food trucks, live music, and tours of the historic town.


This June 10, 2023, Amtrak San Joaquins invites you to join us for the Allensworth Juneteenth celebration! Bring comfortable shoes and enjoy taking a tour of the state park. Grab your cooler with wheels and fill it with refreshing drinks to keep you hydrated throughout the day, and wear sunscreen and a hat to keep you cool while you explore the buildings and homes of the town. Finally, bring chairs or a picnic blanket to enjoy the live music and reenactments throughout the afternoon. Tickets start at a discounted price of 50% off! Make group travel arrangements by calling our group desk at 1-800-USA-1GRP (1-800-872-1477). Then, relax on the train ride through the Central Valley and embark on a historical adventure to Colonel Allensworth Station. Enjoy onboard Wi-Fi, a Café Car, and a comfortable, clean, and convenient environment. 


Once you arrive at the Allensworth Station, make your way to the Visitors’ Center, which shows a video presentation, “The Spirit of Allensworth.” A shuttle from the Train Station to the park will be available for visitors who need assistance. Call Amtrak at 510-238-4360 for train reservations, book online at Amtrak San Joaquins, or use the Amtrak App to purchase a ticket.

Learn more about this event, the history of Allensworth, and transportation options by visiting the Juneteenth webpage

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